5 Practices from How to Win at College by Cal Newport That’ll Change Your Life

How to win at College is a book by Cal Newport. In this book, he has explained 75 practices, which will help to excel in college. In this blog post, you will discover the best five practices of them.

     I have recently finished reading this book. It is full of great ideas and advice. This is an awesome book, which should be read by every college students.

How to win at college by cal newport

Introduction of Cal Newport

Cal Newport is a computer science professor at Georgetown University. He is author of six self-improvement books. He is the author of the Study Hacks blog, which focuses on career and academic success. He has given Ted talk based on quitting social media, which has seen by 6.3 million people so far.

5 Practices

  1. Avoid Daily To-Do List:-  This is my favourite point which he made. You all know college schedule is too unpredictable, you don't know what might come in between and ruin all of your schedules. In college, we have friends, assignments and competitions, which can pop up at any time. This complicates schedule. He advises instead of making a to-do list you can block out time. You can easily do this. Take a piece of paper, block the time of classes, taking food and other things which you have to do, you don't have a choice. Now you can block remaining time for other activities which you want to do. To-do list just creates a burden on you, every time you are busy in something, you keep thinking about your to-do list and spoil all your time in frustration.                                                                                                                    I personally have tried to-do list and always find it difficult to manage. Now currently I am trying time blocking and it is working fine. I block morning 2 hours for breakfast, reading and daily chores. Then a few hours for daily classes(according to schedule),  2 hrs for sports, 1hr for reading and finally 2 hrs for assignments. Remaining time I use to do other stuff, which unexpectedly pops up.
  2. Don't Study in Your Room:-  If you have ever been to a hostel, then you can relate to it. In-room you anyone just unexpectedly comes does some time pass and leaves. Plus always there is some kind of noises going on. The best place to study in the library, there you get everything you need for studying. You might say there are friends in the library too, but let me tell you if your friend comes to you. He will stick to the study related issue and not disturb you more. In the library, there are some places less crowded. You can choose them to do study.                                                                                              He has also advised not to do group study. Because most of the time it seems you can study effectively in a group, but it rarely happens. It takes more time to study by yourself, still, you have to do it. Once you study by yourself you will not forget it, whereas if you study from someone else you cant fully rely on it.
  3. Exercise Five Days a Week:- Everyone in this world knows, exercise is good for our health. Still very few do it regularly. There are innumerable benefits of exercise, but I will tell you some which will help you in college. First things first you remain active, in college if you just lie on the bed and keep eating junk food, you will always remain dull through the day. Exercise helps you to distress your mind, we all know in college you often get stress. I think exercise is the best way to get away from stress. Along with exercise, you should eat healthy food. Don't just keep on eating junk food. You can make a single pattern for yourself. Eat your favourite food on weekends and on workdays tread food as just fuel. Never eat junk food on workdays.
  4. Set Arbitrary Deadlines:- Setting arbitrary deadlines helps you to take control of your work. Let's say you have 1 month for a particular project. Set a two-week deadline and complete it. It helps you in many ways. You finish work early so, you are never stressed when a deadline approaches closer. Rest of the students would be in the hustle but, you will be calm and carrying your day to day schedule. But I would like to tell you one thing from personal experience, it is certainly difficult to fix a deadline and complete it in time.
  5. "Don't Have No Regrets":- In college life, you will have plenty of opportunities. Some will work out and some not, but it is essential to learn from them and have no regrets. You should always focus on enjoying the journey. Try to be neutral. Don't get over-excited for success and depressed for failure. Be calm and enjoy college days, it won't be back. This is the most memorable days of life enjoy it to fullest.

College student | summary of book by cla newport
Always be happy and Enjoy at College

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